Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship tour at Meadowlark Festival

Join Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship Biologists and Stewards on a tour featuring restoration projects on three privately owned and stewarded properties the organization has supported over their 20 year history. This tour features local Wildlife Habitat Stewards who are committed to providing wildlife retreats on their properties, often in the midst of working farms. Learn what it takes to coexist with nature in agricultural and urban landscapes, and how you can create your own native habitat stepping stone in your backyard!

More about our tour:
  1. Leaving from the Osoyoos Visitor’s Centre, our first stop will be at Casa del Mell in Osoyoos.  Mellhina and Ken Thibault have set aside a wetland as part of their farm.  In 2013, OSSS worked with Casa del Mell to enhance the pond and almost immediately had Great Basin Spadefoots at the site. 
  2.  After Casa del Mell, we will leave for Tinhorn Creek Estate where OSSS worked with Sandra and Kenn Oldfield to install snake barrier fencing around their vineyard as well as a dry grassland enhancement project.  These aren’t the only sustainable practices Tinhorn is involved in- join us in learning about several projects happening on the Tinhorn Creek Estate property.
  3. For our final stop, we will travel through Oliver to the Forbes Family Farm. Gord and Steve are the second generation working the Forbes Family Farm and have a real connection to the large wetland on their property which is home to many local wildlife species.  The family has been involved in several planting projects and invasive species removal as well as community restoration projects over the past decade.

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