Frogs & salamanders in your pool?

Hi everyone! My name is Kaatje and I am going into my fourth year at St. Lawrence University in Northern New York State. Over the past year I have been studying the importance of ecological restoration and landscape ecology with Sara Ashpole. During the second half of the year, we began looking at the endangered Tiger Salamander populations in the South Okanagan. More specifically, we focused on the issue of small creature entrapment within in-ground pools.

FrogLog Escape Ramp
Photo R. Mason

After comparing the placement of in-ground pools in the South Okanagan and Tiger Salamander populations, we developed a list of high-priority properties to visit and talk to about the possibility of inserting a FrogLog. The FrogLog was created by concerned biologist and is used as an escape ramp for entrapped amphibians. Our primary intent for this project was to encourage the protection of the Tiger Salamander and Spadefoot populations in the area, but the FrogLogs also aid other small trapped animals such as mice or turtles.

Three FrogLog amphibian escape ramps
installed in in-ground pool.
This past Wednesday we got the chance to place our first set of FrogLogs in a pool! Deanne, a concerned landowner, contacted Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship and was interested in placing the ramps in her in-ground pool. Deanne has observed frogs and salamanders around her property and in the pool. With Deanne’s help, we installed three FrogLogs around the perimeter of her pool and we can’t wait to see how effective they are!

If you are interested in placing FrogLog Escape Ramps in your in-ground pool, please contact us soon!