Got Habitat? Become a Steward!

Are you an Okanagan or Similkameen valley landowner with natural areas on your property?

Do you want assistance managing those natural spaces for local wildlife on your property?

Let us know!

Wildlife Habitat Stewards,
Dave and Gabi Cursons, of DumplingDale in Cawston.
If you're an Okanagan or Similkameen landowner with wildlife habitat on your property (wetland with or without water year-round, grassland, shrub-land, rugged terrain, riparian area or forest) and you're interested in help managing or enhancing those areas or if you're simply wanting to join our Wildlife Habitat Stewards program for the recognition of your commitment to stewarding natural areas for wildlife on your property, consider becoming a Wildlife Habitat Steward.

Wildlife Habitat Stewards receive:
- information on native plants and wildlife conflicts
- assistance with land management issues, such as invasive plants
- management plans specific to YOUR goals for your property
- assistance with habitat enhancement projects (eg. re-vegetating with native plants, exclusion fencing, bat boxes and screech-owl boxes)
- a gate-post "Wildlife Habitat Steward" sign and public recognition (if you wish).

Find out how to become a Wildlife Habitat Steward HERE!