You can find these students out at the farmers markets throughout the summer. If you see them make sure to stop by, say hi, and see what they're up to. They have also been around helping stewards with invasive plant removal, community volunteer events, as well as active and auditory surveys for American Bullfrogs.

Sterling-Rae King:

Hi! So far my summer with OSSS has been more then awesome (even the mornings I’m up and working before sunrise.) I grew up living just outside of Penticton and spend a lot of my time in the outdoors around the area. In high school I was apart the environmental group GEM, and spent the summer following high school in Cuba as a research assistant helping with lion fish, macro-invertebrate, and coral surveys . In the fall I will be heading into my second year at the University of Victoria going into a double major in environmental studies and biology with a marine concentration.  This job has allowed me to gain experience and knowledge that will be beneficial as I go on in my studies.

Andrew Nolan:

I was originally born in Cambridge, Ontario, although I did not live there for much of my life. I moved around a lot throughout the Eastern United States and Canada. Currently, I am  a student a St. Lawrence University where I chose to do a double major in Environmental Studies and Political Science.  I will graduate in the Spring of 2016. At St. Lawrence, I met my Professor and advisor, Sara Ashpole. Sara has been working with the Stewardship Society for a while and I was able to get an internship working with her for the month of June in Osoyoos. The internship turned into a 6 week position with the Stewardship Society, which is what brought me to Penticton for the summer.