Then and now

Habitat enhancement and restoration projects are important in improving natural areas for wildlife throughout our region.  In the Okanagan valley, where 87% of wetlands and riparian areas have been lost to channelization and development, restoring these areas is important.  Buffers around wetlands and along rivers and streams work like sponges, cleaning and filtering water and providing other "services" like flood control, cooling water for fish and so on.

Enhancing and restoring natural areas often takes years, but sometimes the results are visible much quicker than that.

The Kambo pond in Osoyoos was created in a depression in an Osoyoos orchard.  This depression was a frost pocket that was causing loss in cherries.  Water in the pond helps to regulate temperature and reduces late frosts while also providing important habitat for amphibians and waterfowl.

This depression in Vernon was excavated and a clay liner used to assist in water retention.  Now the pond holds water longer and is breeding habitat for amphibians and waterfowl.

The Okanagan Crush Pad site is looking AMAZING after just two short months.  This buffer along Eneas Creek in Summerland's Garnet Valley will provide valuable wildlife habitat adjacent to a site where we are planning to excavate ponds and side channel habitat.