Be a Citizen Scientist!

Help us detect (or not) American Bullfrogs in your community!

American Bullfrogs are invasive, voracious predators of our small, native amphibians and we need your help detecting them early!

-BC Exotic Listed Species-
-Length: <8" 
-Egg mass: 1000's of eggs 
-Call: loud, low 'drone' 
      -American Bullfrog call
-Very large ear membrane 
-Bright green upper lip
-Pale belly
-Males have a yellow chin 


1. Go to your favourite wetland between 9PM and 12AM (this is the best time to listen for calling frogs and toads).

2.Using the DATA SHEET , record pond name, inventory method, observer, location (UTM is best description of location), air temperature, humidity, wind, precipitation, cloud coverage and moon.

3. Sit quietly for a minute - Become one with your surroundings.

4. Listen (for at least 5 minutes, 15 minutes is better!).

5. Record end time

6.Let us know what you heard/didn't hear by entering your data HERE 

For more detailed descriptions of our local amphibians, visit 
Get To Know Your Amphibian Neighbours or Frogwatch BC.