It's the Great Canadian Birdathon!

The Great Canadian Birdathon (formerly known as the Baillie Birdathon) is gearing up for another great year! Put on by Bird Studies Canada, the event is the oldest sponsored bird count in the country and usually raises around $200,000 per year to help fund the many research, education, and citizen science programs run by the organisation.

Other events put on by Bird Studies Canada include Project Feederwatch
the Christmas Bird Count, and the Important Bird Area Program

Birdathon participants sign up alone or as part of a team and find sponsors to donate to their fundraising goal. Then they pick a day in May and spend the whole day (or sometimes just part of a day) trying to find as many different bird species as they can.
Some sponsors base their donations on how many birds species are counted, so the more birds sighted the better! Teams and individuals can choose whether all of their proceeds go towards Bird Studies Canada or whether a portion is given to a conservation organisation of their choice.

Get involved!

Want to start your own team or sign up solo?  You can register here. Don't worry if you're not a bird expert - any and all participants are welcome.

Want to join an already-existing team? The Allen Brooks Nature Centre in Vernon is looking for team members! Their team page can be found here.

Not much of a birder but still want to help? You can make a donation to help a birding team reach their fundraising goal. If you want to support a local team,  here is the donation link to the team leader for the Allan Brooks Nature Centre.