Paley Pond Construction

Cal and Louise Paley contacted Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship in early in 2016.  They had recently purchased a property and wanted to restore a pond and riparian forest on their property in Coldstream, BC.  The owners before them had farmed the entire property, right to the property lines, so there was a lot of opportunity to restore the area with native shrubs and trees.
When we met the Paleys, their new property was previously cleared as a pasture.

In March 2016, Cal and Louise partnered with Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship and volunteers to plant over 600 native trees and shrubs sourced from Sagebrush Nursery in Oliver, BC.  Through the summer, Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship summer interns helped with some invasive plant management within the planting area.
Phase 1: Planting along fence line.

In fall 2016, Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship, with the help of an excavator, started to excavate the new pond area.  

There was plenty of clay soil on site and compaction wasn't necessary for the pond to hold water.  We dug a horseshoe shaped pond that immediately held water and re-contoured the site with the soil excavated from the pond, placing fallen logs found on site in the newly landscaped area to provide basking sites for turtles and waterfowl and hiding spots for amphibians.  

In addition to excavating the pond, another 350 trees and shrubs were planted and plenty of native grass seed mix was spread to help with weeds that may try to move in.

We can't wait to see what critters call this place home in the coming years!

This pond construction project was made possible by the landowners, Cal and Louise Paley, funding from Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, National Wetland Conservation Fund and Wildlife Habitat Canada, and staff and contractors of OSS.