Snake Stewardship

Who are the Snakes in Your Neighbourhood?

The Northern Pacific Rattlesnake is the only venomous
snake found in the Okanagan, but they are timid and elusive.
Photo: Paula Rodriguez de la Vega
Ten kinds of snakes occur in BC. Seven of these live in the southern interior- only one of which is venomousWhether you are hiking in the hills, working outside, or playing in the dry Southern Interior of BC, snake encounters can be common. It is important to be able to distinguish between different kinds of snakes and to react appropriately. An understanding of snake biology and behaviour will help you to comfortably co-exist with these misunderstood reptiles.

Why are Snakes Important?

Snakes have played a key role in the environment for millions of years. Snakes are important players in the continuous cycling of nutrients and help to maintain the interdependence between species. They are significant predators of rodents such as mice, voles and pocket gophers. Snakes themselves are important prey for other predators, such as birds of prey, badgers and bears. If their populations continue to be threatened, they could face extinction and be gone from this area forever. People who take the opportunity to better understand snakes find them fascinating animals. 

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